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Automatically more efficient!

Why automation?

Stronger competition, cost pressures and shortage of skilled labor are challenges companies are faced with nowadays. This is why a reasonable degree of automation seems to be mandatory, in order to increase productivity and efficiency.

Grip the future with LANG

Automation systems by LANG cover every need from single part or large-scale production. They are flexible, uncomplicated and offer best value for money. This makes them appealing for SME's and for those just starting out.

Increased machining hours for more productivity


One-shift operation
(thereof 1 hour of downtime)


Wisely invested, quickly amortized

Pay off calculator

Will a RoboTrex automation system pay off for my company?Find out for yourself!

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The machining hour gain using the RoboTrex automation system per year is: {{ machining_hours }} hours

Return on investment within:

{{ amortization }} months

This pay-off calculation offers only a rough guide value. It is based on a RoboTrex 52 automation system with four fully equipped trolleys or a RoboTrex 96 automation system with two fully equipped trolleys. Country-specific and currency-related deviations are not taken into account. It is to be assumed that during these additional machining hours other value-adding tasks take place or that the automated machine tool operates unmanned (e.g. at night). In order to receive a specific and individual calculation, please feel free to call your LANG contact person.

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RoboTrex -
Automation System

Efficiency, speed and flexibility - RoboTrex combines all these attributes and prepares your manufacturing for future tasks!

Easiest operation
Fastest set-up time
Highest flexibility

RoboTrex at a glance

Efficient in every way

Off-line loading of trolleys

Trolleys are prepared off-line without interrupting the machining cycle. Vises don't even have to be removed from the trolley to be equipped with workpieces.

Quick loading of automation system

Trolleys are exchanged within just a few seconds.

Easiest operation

Training is kept to a minimum thanks to a pre-adjusted and pre-programmed robot with a simple, user friendly control.

Flexible and movable storage

Trolleys are not bound to a specific Robo Trex, but usable throughout the entire production area. For quality control or other tasks, trolleys can be removed even during operation. An easy and unrestriced access to all vises is guaranteed.

Ideal storage capacity / required space ratio

Patented, angled mounting of vises ensures maximum utilization of space and best accessibility when exchanging workpieces.

No additional utilities necessary

Actuation of the zero-point system can be done either mechanically (RoboTrex 52) or pneumatically (RoboTrex 52 and 96). Various gripper options ensure utmost flexibility.

Start and stop mark
Auswahl von Start- und Endpunkt
The first and last vice position can be selected manually, thus limiting the are of the vices to be picked up. Once the stop mark has been reached, the operator can decide whether the automatic sequence should be continued after this position or whether it should be finally aborted. This state can be used e.g. to carry out service tasks on the machine or quality controls on the manufactured parts when the machine tool is empty and the robot is in sleep mode.
Deselection of vice positions
Ausblenden einzelner Positionen und Reihen
A new function makes it possible to define individual trolley equipping patterns and allows a deselection of certain vice positions or even entire rows This means that taller or wider workpieces can be automated with RoboTrex without having to use a custommade trolley. The function also includes the option of assigning the selected assembly pattern to one or more trolley spots.
Individual program assignment
Individuelle Programmzuweisung
A new interface enables an automated single-part production with RoboTrex. An indiviual NC program can be assigned to each vice position on the trolley. This requires a corresponding automation interface on the part of the machine tool. The processing of the parts on the trolley can, if necessary, take place depending on their priority, which means that a desired sequence is possible. If parts have the same priority, processing is done according to the position number on the automation trolley.

RoboTrex components

The Robot / gripper

Great flexibility

  • Proven Fanuc quality
  • Standard industrial robot with six axes
  • Max. workpiece weight 12 kg (RoboTrex 52) / 25 kg or 50 kg (RoboTrex 96)
  • Gripper exchange interface as standard with RoboTrex 96 allows simultaneous utilisation of RoboTrex 52 components
  • RoboTrex 52 zero-point device can be controlled either mechanically oder pneumatically
  • Delivered in a ready-to-operate and pre-programmed state
  • Equipped with a collision detection and an electronic safety fence system
The Zero-point clamping system „Quick•Point®“

Versatile operation

  • Actuated mechanically by the robot, or
  • Pneumatically by the machine tool, or
  • Pneumatically by an external interface
  • Repeat accuracy < 0.005 mm
  • Equipped with clamping studs for an easy and quick set-up
  • Also suitable for manual operation
The Control

Easiest operation

  • Simple, intuitive and user friendly
  • Minimum training required
  • Knowledge about robots not necessary
  • Flexbile order management (Single-part or batch production)
    1. Homogeneous part selection per trolley
    2. Deselection of vice positions or complete rows
    3. Assignment of a NC-program for each vice position
The Chip fan

Clean and efficient

  • Cleans the machine interior after the machining process
  • Removes chips and coolant without the operator having to open the machine tool door
  • Wings open and close automatically by switching the machine tool spindle on and off
  • Doesn't require compressed air
  • Design of the chip fan allows to wash workpieces and fixtures using coolant
  • Called up via the machine program and selected from the tool magazine
  • Compact design for space-saving storage in tool magazine
The Trolley

Center piece of the system

  • Patented, angled mounting of vises
  • Maximum space utilization on a small footprint
  • Changeover of vises directly on the trolley
  • Off-line preparation of trolleys, even at a greater distance to the machine tool
  • Trolleys are exchanged within seconds and at any time, even during operation mode
  • Each trolley or each vice position can be assigned to a specific machining program. Deselection of vice positions or entire rows also possible.
  • Interchangeable and usable on different RoboTrex systems
  • Easy and unrestricted access to all vises
  • Up to 4 trolleys for each RoboTrex system
  • 2 trolleys with different storage capacities for each system (RoboTrex 52 and 96)
  • Special vise alignment for different workpiece sizes
  • Each trolley can be assigned to a specific machine program
  • Trolleys not in use can remain inside the RoboTrex enclosure
The Vise „Makro•Grip®“

Highest holding forces

The Makro Grip Night King for RoboTrex 52
  • Highest holding forces and process reliability thanks to form-closure clamping
  • Best accessibility in 5-axis machining
  • No wear on clamping jaws, not even when clamping harder materials
  • Tremendous material savings due to minimal clamping edge requirements
  • No deformation of workpieces when clamping/releasing thanks to low actuation torque
  • Ergonomic handling characteristics due to compact and light-weight design

Technical data

RoboTrex 52 Automationssystem

RoboTrex 52Automation System

RoboTrex 96Automation System

RoboTrex 96 Automationssystem
30 / 42 vises
Storage capacity per trolley
15 / 16 vises
max. 4 pcs.
QTY of trolleys
max. 4 pcs.
max. 120 / 168 vises
Total storage capacity
60 / 64 vises
max. 120 × 120 × 100 /
max. 120 × 100 × 70 mm
Special vise alignment allows different part dimensions
Workpiece dimensions with every slot occupied
max. 205 × 205 × 90 /
max. 205 × 150 × 150 mm
Special vise alignment allows different part dimensions
max. 12 kg
Workpiece weight
max. 25 kg,
optionally: max. 45 kg
Gripper Exchange Interface
RoboTrex 52 and 96 automation trolleys next to each other? The new gripper exchange interface, which comes as a standard with the RoboTrex 96 system, allows the utilisation of both sizes and ensures even more flexibility in the machining process.
mechanical or pneumatic
Actuation of Zero-Point-Clamping system
from 1.70 x 2.20 m
from 2.00 x 2.70 m
through machine door or side window
through machine door or side window
Automationsbroschüre von Lang Technik

Download the full brochure with additional information on accessories and suitable workholding products for RoboTrex 52 and 96.

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Technical requirements

  • Almost any machine tool - whether new or already in use - can be automated with RoboTrex
  • The only real requirement is a free acknowledgeable M-function or standardized automation interface

Benefits of the RoboTrex Automation

  • (Re-) equipping of automation within just a few seconds
  • Simple operation, no knowledge about robots required
  • Minimum training expenses
  • No skilled labor required
  • Works with almost any machine tool
  • Workholding and Automation - all from one source
What favors the RoboTrex Automation over other palletizing and part handling systems?

Benefits of RoboTrex

over other palletizing systems

With the LANG system, vise and pallet build a compact unit. This results in high space savings in the machine, as well as a high storage capacity of the entire automation system on a small footprint

Compact vise (without additional pallet) grips workpieces which can substantially exceed the vise’s volume, whereas competing systems usually use big pallets (e.g. 400 x 400 mm) to clamp relatively small workpieces

There is no additional vise-pallet interface, which has a positive effect on stability and manufacturing accuracy

Thanks to simple communication between automation and machine tool, the installation of the RoboTrex system, which is delivered in a ready-to-operate state, is very simple and hardly time-consuming. As a result, downtimes of the machine tool can be avoided almost completely

Automation trolleys are equipped with vises off-line and location-independently. Within just a few seconds the automation system is fed with fresh trolleys and ready to machine a new batch

One-touch operation gives the operator access to the entire storage. The accessibility to each vise point is guaranteed. This allows immediate (quality) control of the finished parts even during operation

over part handling systems

RoboTrex comes with a single gripper, no matter which workpiece size or shape, no adaptation of the gripper is required for different workpieces

Thanks to the Makro•Grip® stamping technology, many compact vises can be stored on the smallest possible footprint. At the same time, the stamping technology guarantees maximum process reliability in milling

RoboTrex uses the same storage medium for all workpieces, which makes the system universally applicable even with high vertical integration

The automatic (un-)loading is independent of the milled contour, since the Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vise is the handling interface. No problems with bulky parts

Thanks to the accuracy of the zero-point clamping system and the defined gripping contour of the Makro•Grip®, a quick and easy reproduction of the clamping situation is possible if workpieces have to be re-clamped for any necessary reworking

For manual non-automated manufacturing, the Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vise can be used at any time in other machines, which maintains flexibility in production at all times


Write your own success story with an automation system by LANG Technik.

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With a proven, perfectly matching package of workholding, zero-point clamping and automation, in combination with the original stamping technology, we help you optimize your manufacturing processes and ideally exploit manufacturing capacities.

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Highest holding forces and best accessibility - the compact Makro•Grip® vise is a benchmark in 5-axis cnc machining.

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Zero-Point Clamping

Flexible, high-precision and durable like no other - with the modular Quick•Point® system set-up times are reduced to a minimum.

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Efficiency, speed and flexibility.

RoboTrex meets the requirements for future-oriented manufacturing.

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Functional enhancements
of RoboTrex

  • Start and stop mark
  • Deselection of vice positions
  • Individual program assignment

Automatic gripper exchange of RoboTrex 96